Greetings in Jesus’ great name!  Thank you for your interest in The Antioch Group.  Below is a brief summary of our ministry philosophy, followed by an invitation to believers who are not affiliated with a local church assembly to connect with us.


Jesus came teaching the Kingdom of God.  Our goal is to orient believers to The Kingdom, which is His realm, and His rule in every person’s life.  We support the organized church in its varied forms, but we realize that church involvement doesn’t necessarily translate to Kingdom understanding and participation.  The Antioch Group exists to help believers become discerning, functional participants within a community of earnest Christians, relying on praise, prayer, scripture, communion, and the Holy Spirit as vehicles of God’s grace for revelation, growth, and healing.


The priorities of The Antioch Group are primarily environmental, not organizational; we have no official membership.  We usually meet in homes, focused on providing a worshipful environment in which believers may experience (1) a deeper communion with Jesus Christ and (2) participation in the ministries of Jesus to those present.  We believe all Christians have biblical authority to gather for worship, prayer, fellowship, to share the sacraments, and to pray for and minister to one another.  Our goal is to help the saints become comfortable and skillful in hosting a believers gathering, creating an hospitable place for Kingdom activity.


Our model for The Antioch Groups is the scriptures, particularly 1 Corinthians 12-14.  However, living things are all different, and they quite naturally develop differently.   Consequently, our fellowships don’t follow a particular agenda or form.  We’ve learned from observation that ‘form dictates function,’ so in order to have freedom we value a less formal structure and setting.  The need for new and creative means for Christian endeavor in the changing and challenging climate of the 21st century is apparent.  May God grant wisdom and insight to all His people.

Christianity is Jesus Christ.  Our fellowship is with those who confess Him as their Lord and Savior.  We welcome the inquiries of believers and non-believers, and pray to provide a climate in which an honest search for the truth may be openly and safely pursued by all.  We welcome folks to attend our meetings, to receive The Antioch Letters, connect with us on Facebook, or just join with us in the Spirit of the Lord.  To the fullest extent of our understanding “we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom, that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.” (Col. 1:28)



We are followers of Jesus Christ from diverse backgrounds and traditions.  We pray for and minister to one another, break bread together, and laugh a lot, just like most genuine believers.

Besides being a fellowship, The Antioch Group is also a Kingdom resource for saints who are not affiliated with a local church.  Our purpose is to help meet some of the needs these believers share with all of us.  These resources are offered without cost or obligation.

What we offer

  • Affirmation – You may have been led to question the authenticity of your faith and commitment to Jesus because you are not part of a local assembly. However, church affiliation is not a requisite for Kingdom participation.  Our goal is to help validate every believer’s faith as he / she follows the Word and Spirit of God.
  • Encouragement / Edification – Social, moral, familial, and vocational pressures can, at times, be overwhelming for all of us. The availability of strengthening materials (books, articles, testimonials, etc.) can provide perspective and hope during those seasons.  Volunteers are also available at specific times to visit about one’s issues or concerns.
  • Instruction – We like to provide believers with solid biblical teachings or produce them as needed. The emphasis would be on personal discipleship and Christian living, available in print, web-based and social media.

For believers who may desire a fuller involvement with like-minded souls, we’re also offering:

  • Affiliation – If you love Jesus, we would be happy for you to identify with us. We pray to be a welcoming community.  Affiliation with The Antioch Group is light-handed and casual, as our objectives are primarily spiritual, not organizational.  Your personal information is used only for the purpose of fellowship and prayer.
  • Accountability – Obviously, accountability is voluntary, but sometimes it can help one remain balanced and spiritually healthy. If sharing some of your challenges or pursuits meets a need in your life, we’re here to listen and support.
  • Intercession – Part of our calling is to pray. We call it the National Prayer Watch.  Feel free to contact us at any time with special needs through e-mail or our website.   Strictest confidence is our pledge.
  • Godly counsel – Sometimes a mental health professional or a seasoned believer can help. We make assistance available within the limits of our available volunteers.  Again, confidentiality is our pledge.
  • Service – If you have a ministry, we want to encourage you in it, and offer advice at your request. There is an abundance of ministry experience in our fellowship you can access.
  • Ministries and MissionsThe Antioch Group provides monthly support to several other worthy ministries. As you are led to contribute, we’re able to expand our support to more of God’s servants.

What we don’t offer

  • Membership – For The Antioch Group, membership simply means being an actual follower of Jesus Christ. There is nothing to join in order to fellowship with us and you may remain anonymous if you prefer.
  • Denominational / Sectarian PerspectivesThe Antioch Group is comprised of folks from many streams of the faith, and we don’t promote one over the others. We focus on those truths and values that all true Christians share; faith in Jesus’ redemptive work, living the scriptures, and valuing the work the Holy Spirit in and through us daily.
  • Certification – We have no program for certification/indoctrination. There are no grades or hierarchies in our fellowship, and ‘The Antioch Group’ isn’t the significant Name among us.


For more information about our ministry perspectives, we suggest the book, You Are the Plan: God’s Account of Your Remarkable Story. (2017) (

Thank you for considering our extended hand of fellowship.  For more information, contact us either through our website: or by e-mail at   Our mailing address is: The Antioch Group P.O. Box 303 West Fork AR 72774-0303.  Be blessed as you follow the Lord Jesus.


 “Never follow the crowd.  Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded”Yogi Berra

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