There are no deficits in God

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“There are no deficits in God.  You have everything you need for your future.”  It was an emotional moment as Delon Tucker spoke near the end of his mother’s memorial service yesterday.  Lynda Tucker, our dear friend of over 40 years, was being remembered for her remarkable life, service, and talent.  As her seven children grappled with a future without their mom, God’s Spirit spoke these powerful words to Delon; everyone present was impacted by them!  In a setting that seemed to shout ‘Loss!’ a word from the Spirit brought everyone into a kingdom perspective.

So many of us, because of our weaknesses and failings, and how deeply we feel them, can easily imagine we’re working from a negative balance in our relation to God.  We have to somehow find some ‘credits’ to enable us to pray with expectation.  It is a dreadful cycle from which only divine revelation can free us.  The fact is, provision for our present and future is already in place! Consider Peter’s words in his first letter, telling us we’ve been born again into a ‘living hope’ through Jesus’ resurrection; to ‘an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled, and that does not fade away, reserved in heaven for you.’ (1 Peter 1:3, 4)  ‘. . . a future in heaven, and the future starts now!‘ says The Message Bible.

And that’s the great point of what Delon Tucker expressed.  The glory of faith in Christ is that eternity is now, and the provisions of eternity are available to us.  C.S. Lewis said when we know the Lord our earth walk ‘turns out to have been heaven all along.’ Don’t allow deficit thinking to keep you from confidence in the future.  Everything you need is already in position down the timeline, secure until you get there.  Thanks Lonnie, for hearing God for your family, and for the rest of us too!

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